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1. Delivery of goods for each transaction made on the Xonaku platform using the expedition service provided.

2. Xonaku users agree and understand and follow all forms of regulations relating to the terms and conditions of shipping goods, because the terms and conditions are fully determined by the freight forwarding service and are fully the responsibility of the freight forwarding service.

3. The role of the Xonaku here is as an intermediary media between the User and the freight forwarding service.

4. Delivery of goods and transactions made through the Xonaku system using freight forwarding expedition services are carried out so that the goods can be monitored through the Xonaku system.

5. Merchants (sellers) are required to take full responsibility for the goods they send.

6. Xonaku users understand and agree that all forms of losses that may arise due to damage or loss of goods, both when the goods are being dispatched and when the shipment of goods has been completed, is entirely the responsibility of the freight forwarding service.

7. The Xonaku does not accept returns or deliveries of goods for transactions carried out by Users under any circumstances. In the case of the process of returning goods, the User, both the Merchant (Seller) and the Buyer, are required to deliver goods directly to each Buyer and Merchant (Seller).

8. If the expedition to be used is not available on the application, then the receipt number must still be stated by the Merchant (seller).