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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to

The terms & conditions set forth below govern the use of services offered by PT.Zona Technology Asia related to the use of the site Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of users under the law.

By registering and / or using the site, users are deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all contents in the Terms & Conditions. These terms & conditions are a form of agreement as outlined in a valid agreement between the User and PT.Zona Technology Asia. If the user does not agree to one, some, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then the user is not permitted to use the service at


How to shop:

1. Search for items, You can search for items that you want with the Search feature or by category.

2. Click Buy, select the items you want then click Buy.

3. Payment, you can make payments through a transfer system to an available bank account.

4. Confirm receipt of goods, after the item arrives, confirm by pressing confirm receipt of the goods on       the transaction details page. Transaction will be considered completed after you give confirmation of       receipt of the goods to the Merchant concerned.

5. Shopping review, you must complete the item page address on the shoping review page.


1.  Payments are made through payment methods that have been prepared by the Xonaku platform.

2.  Payment through the transfer system is done no later than 1x24 hours.

3.  Make sure you save proof of transfer to verify payment.

4.  After successfully transferring, we immediately verify your payment automatically.

5.  If the goods have arrived at the buyer, but there is no confirmation within 3x24 hours, the transaction     is considered valid.

6.  If payment is not made within 1x24 hours, the transaction is deemed failed.

7.  The buyer cannot cancel the order if the order has been paid.

8.  Errors in product installation are outside the responsibility of Xonaku.

9.  Currently the wallet is only used for refunds, cannot be used for buyers of goods.

10. All forms of complaints and refunds, please contact Xonaku customer service.

Refunds & Complaints:

1. If your order has not been received until 2x24 hours, please contact Xonaku customer service.

2. You have the right to submit a refund claim through Xonaku customer service.

3. If the status of your shipping receipt has been received but the item has not arrived for 2x24 hours,       the buyer is required to refund.

4. Check the completeness and condition of the product. My Xonaku / Seller is not responsible for product      damage / defects / completeness.

5. Communicate well with the Merchants so that all problems are quickly resolved.

6. Be an active buyer discuss with the Merchant that you have done a transaction or other Merchant.

7. After the Merchant has replied to the discussion, if you do not reply again within the period specified   by the Admin, then the payment money will be forwarded to the Merchant, and the Merchant will contact    the buyer.

8. Make sure the product has the right stock, color and type and the condition of the item in accordance     with the complaint.

9. If the goods have arrived, in a damaged condition, are not suitable or there are shipping costs     constraints, claim the submission of a refund to the Merchant.

Returns / Returns:

1. Make sure you log in to your Xonaku account so you can access the return form.

2. You can also see the return status of goods through order tracking.

3. Product return costs are not Xonaku responsibility.

4. The process of item replacement requires 7 working days after the item is received will be informed via     your email.

5. Your goods can not be returned after 3 days your item is received.


How to sell:

1. Every merchant who wants to sell, please contact Xonaku and will get a user ID & password directly    from Xonaku sent via email.

2. Merchants can log in using the user id & password that has been given by Xonaku.

3. For the security of the Merchant account, you are required to change the password when you first log in.

4. Merchant can renew the store in the account menu such as profile picture & store information.

6. Merchant will get one free web banner on the store page.

7. Merchant can arrange a schedule for product installation services.

8. Merchant will immediately receive money after the transaction is successful.

9. Merchants can buy banner slots to display on the front page of Xonaku application.

Selling Advantages:

1. Positive feedback from the buyer if the Merchant service is pleasant through the Merchant review.

2. Merchant will immediately receive payment money after the goods have arrived to the buyer for 2x24    hours.

3. Merchant does not need to think about the value of shipping costs to be paid by the buyer, everything is   set up in the Xonaku system and shipping costs are paid by the buyer.

4. Priority in search engines through the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to appear superior in   search engines like Google.

Selling Content:

1.  Merchant Must attach original photo (not from Google, watermark from another store, or other source).

2.  Merchant It is strictly forbidden to use harsh words, are threatening, graphic, or any content that is      pornographic, contains. SARA, vulgarity, discrimination, threats, or anything that violates social                  norms.

3.  All images uploaded by the Merchant will be the sole responsibility of the Merchant.

4.  Thumbnails are required to use photos of items sold.

5.  If there is a copyright violation on the image uploaded by the seller, then it is outside the         responsibility of Xonaku.

6.  Xonaku provides chat access between sellers and buyers so that buyers can ask questions about the items     being sold.

7.  My sister has the right to delete ads at any time if found ads that are considered to violate the terms     and conditions.

8.  Negative information contained in chat is not the responsibility of Xonaku.

9.  Merchants must display products that are more varied so that they attract many buyers.

10. Merchants are required to make information and product descriptions clearly and unique so that they     attract many buyers.

11. The currency used today is Rupiah.

12. All typing errors in price inclusion are the responsibility of the seller.

13. All disputes between Seller and Buyer are not the responsibility of Xonaku.